Bay of Ideas is available to order as a unique business solution solely for your organization's ideas. You will get your own private Bay of Ideas platform adapted to your company, which becomes the obvious digital channel for all your employees' ideas. The management team receives ongoing reports that compile the most active ideas and proposals. 

Constant innovation in the workplace is important to consider in order to measure up against the competition, satisfy customers and challenge employees.

Far too many employees have ideas that they don't talk about, which for example sometimes concern other departments or which have only stuck as thoughts or talk in the coffee room. In an existence with only digital channels, gathering ideas becomes even more important.

With the Bay of Ideas platform, you encourage your employees to develop their thoughts into something more in the simplest possible way and where the best ideas can attract and engage other employees, as well as give the management insight into things that lie far from the management team meeting.

By taking advantage of the creativity of all your staff, you increase your opportunities to, for example, lower your organization's costs, increase your income, streamline processes or simply find the best place for the staff party. With your own Bay of Ideas platform, you create the best conditions for developing your entire organization's thinking power into something more than just ideas!

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