We have gathered the most frequently asked questions for you.

Why should I post my idea on Bay of Ideas?

Far too many ideas remain being only ideas because they lack key competencies or resources that together can drive the idea forward. At Bay of Ideas, you post your idea so that more people can join the idea and develop it into something more than just an idea. The more people who see your idea, the greater the probability that the right people are attracted to your idea and want to develop it with you!

Who can see my idea?

Your idea is presented partly in a public format that everyone can see, even those who are not logged in to the platform, and in a private format only for those who are connected to the idea.

How much do I need to write about my idea?

You decide how much or how little you want to write about your idea, both what is visible to the public or more privately to those who are connected to your idea. You are free to edit the visibility of the idea, who is allowed to be connected to it, or the content at any time.

Does my idea need to be unique?

Absolutely not, most ideas are not unique (that is good!) and that is why you should not hesitate to post your idea. It could be about such traditional things as opening a restaurant or starting a hair salon together with others, just as it can be developing a tool or something crazy futuristic.

How far do I need to have developed my idea to present it?

It is entirely up to you! You can present your idea in its simplest form, or in a more in-depth description. We make it easy to present your idea no matter how far you have come and you can supplement with more information at any time.

What does it mean to "Boost" your idea?

Your idea becomes more visible to others, which means that you can attract more people who want to connect to your idea. This gives a greater probability that the right people are attracted to your idea, which can then be developed into something more than just an idea.

Can I share my idea with others who are not connected to Bay of Ideas?

Absolutely! We recommend that you spread your idea wherever possible. You can also share other peoples ideas that you find interesting. To connect to an idea and interact with others on the platform, you do need to register.

Who can join my idea?

Although everyone can apply to join your idea, it is you who decides who gets connected and can take part in more in-depth information. We recommend that you first connect with the person that you want to talk more with for a broader insight into who the person is, before you accept that he or she connects to your idea.

Do I need to have an idea to join the Bay of Ideas?

You are very welcome to join the Bay of Ideas even if you have no ideas you would like to post. Maybe you are more curious about other peoples ideas where you feel that you can contribute with your key competencies instead?

How much time do I need to spend on my idea or another idea that I get connected to?

You decide for yourself and agree on this with your new Bay of Ideas contacts. Most people who start developing an idea do so in their spare time, outside work hours of their main job. But there are no rules to follow, spend as much time as it feels fun and right.

How many ideas can I post?

We have limited the number of ideas to 3 created per day.

How many ideas can I join?

There is no limit to how many ideas you can join, but keep in mind that joining too many can give the wrong impression.

Who owns the idea if I post it on Bay of Ideas?

Basically, there is no one who "owns" an idea, but all material uploaded under the idea is still owned by you. You decide what you want to show and to whom. In the end, it will be like any other partnership. Bay of Ideas is a neutral third party whom will never demand ownership or partnership with the person who submits their idea on the platform.

Is it possible to delete an idea I posted?


How old do I need to be to Join Bay of Ideas?

Since many ideas result in starting a joint venture with others, it is necessary to be of legal age.

What regulations does my use of Bay of Ideas cover?

By joining Bay of Ideas network platform, you agree to our Terms and Conditions.

How is personal data handled?

Bay of Ideas handles them according to current security standards and is only used to give you the best possible user experience. We never resell any personal information to third parties. More information about how we handle personal data is described in our Privacy Policy..

Is Bay of Ideas for free?

Yes! To use a private account where you can interact with other people, present ideas and connect with them, will always be free at Bay of Ideas. Certain company related services and other premium functionality for private users, may be presented as payable options in the future.